Brass Bullet Terminals, Sleeve Connectors and glass fuses

 Part No. 1

Brass bullet terminals - Solder type  
1mm hole 
Bag of 20
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 Part No. 2

 Bullet sleeves - Single or Double

Bag of 10

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30mm Automotive glass fuses

 Part No. 3

Traditional type 30mm glass quick blow fuses as used in cars from the 1930's until the 1960's
Fits Lucas and other fuse boxes and also CJF/RJF/RF type regulator/fuse boxes.

Remember to down rate your fuses when fitting LED bulbs
The smaller the fuse in a circuit, the better
Always carry spare fuses!

Available in 5a, 10a, 15a, 20a, 25a and 35a ratings in packs of 5 and also a mixed bag of 20

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