6v and 12v LED Headlamp bulbs

H1, H3 and H4 (P43t & P45t) 

BA15, BPF, APF BA20d

 Dipping Headlamp Bulbs


  Part No. 1

CDRC "Double Dippers"

Our new range of LED dipping headlamp bulbs in four popular fittings.

"The long awaited answer to an enjoyable night driving experience"

                BA15d             BPF

                 APF              BA20d

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LED dipping headlamp bulbs

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The end of the road for dim original and inferior replacement halogen bulbs that consume lots of current! A 6v 24/24w tungsten or halogen replacement uses 4 amps and gives a yellowish beam. A 12v 35/35w uses 3 amps.

Say goodbye to 24/24w or 36/36w "dim as a Toc H lamp" headlamps.

Our "Double Dipper" range of direct replacement bulbs replace standard twin filament headlamp bulbs and have minimal current consumption and a white light enabling you to see and be seen. 

 0.26 amp and 0.52 amp low/high beam @ 12v

(0.21 amp and 0.42 amp @ 14v)

0.52amp and 1.04a low/high @ 6v

(0.44 amp and 0.88a @ 7v) .

A crisp, white light with an excellent beam pattern that will change your night time driving experience.

No filaments to blow and no fragile glass envelopes.

 Multi voltage - Each bulb will work on both 6v and 12v systems (one bulb suits both voltages) 

Negative and positive earth available

Hover your cursor over the pictures above  to see details and names of each type of bulb.

Fittings to suit most cars and motorcycles.


Revised chip position for a better high beam pattern

Fits all British and some American 1930 - 1953

P36d (BPF - British Pre Focus)

Revised chip position for a better high beam (lower down, where you need it)

Fits all British 1953 into the late 60's

P30d (APF - American Pre Focus)

Fits most Americans and Austin Seven repro headlamps

BA20d (Bosch)

Fits German and other continental vehicles including some Japanese motorcycles

Hover over each picture to see a description

Please ensure that your headlamp reflectors are in good condition.

If in doubt, have them re silvered. 

A bulb is only as good as the reflector that reflects its light!

Our Double Dippers should be focused as with std. bulbs (BA15d and some BA20d) and head lamps MUST be aligned so as not to dazzle other road users. 

Please click HERE to see important fitting tips.

Bulbs are individually inspected and tested before packing to ensure correct and perfect operation and are supplied with fitting instructions.

Available singly, in pairs or multiples

Don't forget a spare bulb if you intend driving abroad where it is law to carry spare bulbs

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 High Beam Light Fix Kit

  Part No. 3

Fix kit for use only with our Double Dipper bulbs when your vehicle has a high beam light fitted.

Post war, vehicles had a high beam light. When you fit an LED headlamp bulb or bulbs you may find that the high beam light comes on with dipped beam as well as high beam. 

The answer is to fit our fix kit in each headlamp.

Motorcycles - Use one  ~ Cars - Use 2 

Available singly or in packs of two

Complete with simple instructions

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Our 5th Generation 6v and 12v H4 Dipping Bulbs

 Part No. 2

 ** Our latest H4 replacements **

Same size as a std H4 bulb

Truly remarkable light output that accurately replicates the beam pattern of an original halogen H4.

Click HERE to see beam patterns.

The tiny LED chips accurately replicate the filaments of a standard bulb giving a precise and accurate beam pattern with excellent cut off and a crisp, white beam.  

60/55w equivalent direct replacement LED H4 dipping bulb. P43t fitting. 

6v (top left picture) and 12v (top right picture) available. Exclusive to CDRC Ltd!

Flying lead plugs into the vehicles existing H4 socket.

Can be used in P45t fittings with our adaptor ring

(see part number 6)

Suitable for negative and positive earth vehicles 

4000 Lumens (a std H4 is around 1500 Lumens)

Colour 6000k (std H4 is 3500-4000k)

Max. current consumption  

12v - 1.8 amps 

6v - 2.2 amps

A standard 60/55w halogen bulb uses 

5 amps at 12v and 10 amps at 6v. 

30,000 hrs life expectancy

Manufactured from aviation aluminium

 These bulbs are the same over all length as a standard P43t H4 with its power plug connected.

Adjustable for centre, left or right hand dipping

Suitable for small headlamps. Wherever a standard bulb fits, this bulb will fit!

Also suitable for tripod type headlamps

Suitable for more modern cars with patterned lenses

IP65 rated - Waterproof

Please click HERE to see important fitting tips.

Comes with fitting instructions.

Sold singly or in pairs

These P43t LED headlamp bulbs use either 12 tiny Samsung (6v) chips or 16 tiny Philips LUMILED (12v) chips which produce an excellent crisp light beam comparable with an original P43t halogen bulb. Output is equivalent to a 60/55w halogen bulb. 

We carried out many hours of night time testing to ensure that these bulbs are reliable and the best available. 


They are adjustable for centre, left or right hand dipping. There is no unreliable cooling fan unlike some inferior bulbs on the market. Ideal for all cars and motorcycles that use a P43t bulb(s). They are designed to be direct replacements for original bulbs. Plug and play as they call it today. Each bulb, its driver and power cord are IP65 rated – waterproof. The driver is made using quality branded US and Japanese made components. 

They carry a 1 year guarantee.

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6v and 12v H4 replacements suitable for most applications.

A cheaper option to our H4 5th generation bulbs

Part No. 4

Excellent pure white light

6v and 12v 60/55w equivalent direct replacement LED H4 dipping bulbs. P43t fitting. 

Can be used in P45t fittings with our adaptor ring

(see part number 5)

Suitable for negative and positive earth vehicles 

This latest version features high quality chips by Philips, the largest manufacturer of LED chips for automotive use. 

2500 Lumens (a std H4 is around 1500 Lumens)

Colour 6000k (std H4 is 3500-4000k)

Current consumption on high beam 

12v - 1.6a

3.2a @ 6v

Heat dissipation belts can be shaped to fit the inside of any headlamp. 

Suitable for small headlamps

Not suitable for tripod type headlamps or more modern cars

Waterproof leads and driver.

Please click HERE to see important fitting tips.

Sold singly or in pairs

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 Part No. 5

P43t to P45t adaptors 

Enables a P43t LED bulb to be used in a P45t fitting

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 Single Filament Equivalent Headlamp Bulbs

BA15s, BA15d and H1 Fittings

 Part No. 6

**Totally new design for better focusing**

Bright, white BA15s and BA15d single filament equivalent headlamp bulbs,

Use also in fog and driving lamps.

One bulb suits 6 and 12v negative or positive earth vehicles.

Light output equivalent to a 40w bulb

Each bulb uses:

0.5 amps @ 12v

1 amp @ 6v

BA15s single contact cap (for earth return systems) or BA15d double contact cap (for 2 wire systems) 

See the reviews HERE

Direct replacement - No adaptors required - Just take out your old bulb and put the LED bulb in.

Replaces a standard single filament bulb as used in fixed or dipping reflector type head lamps on vintage and post vintage cars. Suits vacuum dippers, solenoid dippers and Barker type dipping systems.

These bulbs are for use in pre April 1986 vehicles only.

They should be focused as with std. bulbs and head lamps MUST be aligned so as not to dazzle other road users. Click HERE to see important fitting tips.

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  Part No. 7

**Our new 12v H1 and H3 direct replacement LED headlamp bulbs**

Bright white light with a perfect beam pattern

Uses Phillips chips - Equivalent to a 55w bulb

Low current consumption

Suits negative or positive earth vehicles

Picture shows H1 type

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