Brass Bullet Terminals, Sleeve Connectors and glass fuses

 Part No. 1

Brass bullet terminals - Solder type  
1mm hole 
Bag of 20
Choose Quantity

 Part No. 2

 Bullet sleeves - Single or Double

Bag of 10

Choose Quantity
30mm Automotive glass fuses

 Part No. 3

Traditional type 30mm glass quick blow fuses as used in cars from the 1930's until the 1960's
Fits Lucas and other fuse boxes and also CJF/RJF/RF type regulator/fuse boxes.

Remember to down rate your fuses when fitting LED bulbs
The smaller the fuse in a circuit, the better
Always carry spare fuses!

Available in 5a, 10a, 15a, 20a, 25a and 35a ratings in packs of 5 and also a mixed bag of 20

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Genuine LUCAS Field Fuses for Pre War Three Brush Dynamos

Part No. 4

Very hard to find 1" (25mm) field fuses for pre war 3 brush dynamos
These have been unavailable for many years but we are lucky enough to have a substantial quantity of new old stock to suit 6v and 12v dynamos

In dry store for many years so will need the brass end caps cleaning with wire wool before use

Available in:
3.75 amp and 6 amp for 6v dynamos
4.5 amp for 12v dynamos

All @ £1.25 each plus VAT


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