Bulbs for Flashing Indicators and Trafficators

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BA15s is a 15mm cap with parallel pins and one contact which is live, the cap body being earth

The general rule is - Use an amber bulb behind an amber or white lens 


Part number 13 - Rubber retro-fit lamps

6v and 12v 36mm Flashicator bulbs for FORD trafficators

 Part No. 1

6v 21w AMBER BA15s

Direct replacement ultra low power consumption LED bulb.

Replaces a standard 21w indicator bulb.

Lights bright amber behind a clear or amber lens. 

Restores colour to faded amber lenses.

Available in negative or positive earth.

Requires our LED compatible flasher unit 

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 Part No. 2

12v 21w AMBER BA15s

Direct replacement ultra low power consumption LED bulb.

Replaces a standard 21w indicator bulb.

Lights bright amber behind a clear or amber lens. 

Restores colour to faded amber lenses.

Available in negative or positive earth.

Requires our LED compatible flasher unit 

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Part No. 3

21w WHITE BA15s 

Direct replacement ultra low power consumption LED bulb.

For use in amber or white flashing indicators.

Can also be used for stop lamps, fog lamps and reversing lamps.

Use in lamps where the bulb faces outward 

Available in negative or positive earth.

Requires an LED compatible flasher unit available below 

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Flashing festoon bulbs for trafficators

 Part No. 5


Why trafficate when you can FLASHICATE!

Very bright low power consumption 36mm long amber LED festoon bulbs with a difference.

When the trafficator arm is raised, the bulb lights amber on both sides and flashes!

No separate flasher unit required. 

A straight swap for your old bulb.

They will work on negative or positive earth vehicles.

Watch the demo HERE 

A must have if using trafficators on todays roads especially after dark.

Available in: 

6v and 12v 36mm with flat or pointed caps to suit British trafficators inc Lucas, Trico etc

6v and 12v 36mm to suit FORD trafficators with grooved caps

 6v and 12v 31mm to suit Bosch, SWF and SHO trafficators as fitted to VW's etc.

36mm type have 6mm or 7mm end caps.  

31mm type have 7mm end caps

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

6mm caps have flat or pointed ends. 7mm caps have pointed ends. 

Trafficators should be in good, serviceable condition

Prices are per pair

See also our Flashicator window sticker below.

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Part No. 7


Direct replacement bright amber bulbs for trafficators

Just like our famous Flashicator bulbs but these are not self flashing 

Very bright low power consumption 6v or 12v 36mm longamber LED festoon bulbs with 7mm caps.

Use to make your trafficators brighter.

Can be used where trafficators work with flashing indicators or made to flash with flashing indicators if the trafficator internal wiring is suitably altered. 


Part No. 10

Tells following drivers (especially the younger generation who only recognise a flashing amber light as a turn signal) that you are not using conventional flashing indicators.

Draws attention to and warns of the fact that you are using not just trafficators but flashing trafficators. 

Reverse printed so it sticks inside the rear screen facing rearwards. 

 Traditional font. Self clinging - Non sticky

27.5cm x 7cm 

Flashicator window sticker 

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Indicator sounder/buzzer

Part No.11

These handy little sounders emit a continuous 94db beep when a voltage between 5v and 24v is applied.

When connected alongside or in place of your indicator tell tale(s) they provide an audible warning that your indicators are on by beeping with every flash. 

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Part No. 4LB7 

40mm diameter light board. 

Gives a bright amber light for flashing indicators.

Converts Lucas 539, 594, 691 and 794 and many others to LED operation.

Ideal for 6v VW Beetle indicators

Can be used behind a white or amber lens to give an amber flasher.

Use to replace festoon bulbs or where existing bulbs face up or sideways 

 Available in 6v or 12v, negative or positive earth.

 Supplied with fitting kit and instructions

Can be bedded on silicon in tight spaces.

Requires our LED compatible flasher unit 

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LED Flasher Fix Kit 

 Part No. 6


Self-cancelling buzzer kit

Part No.8

 A clever little buzzer with just 3 wires to connect.

Sounds when left or right indicators are used.

Putting your foot on the brake (such as when waiting at traffic lights or a T junction) cancels the buzzer but still allows the indicators to flash. Release the brake pedal and the buzzer sounds again reminding you to cancel your indicators.

No more leaving your indicators on after a turn.

Ideal for forgetful people!

Suits 6v or 12v, Positive or Negative earth 


 LED Flasher Fix Kit with Tell-tale

Part No.9

 Same as part number 8 but including a Durite green tell-tale light.

Ideal for new installations.

Tell-tale requires a 12mm hole to mount.

Available in 6v or 12v

Positive or Negative earth


Rubber retro - fit lamps

Part No. 12

Handy small rubber bodied lamps

A simple way of adding discreet indicator, side or stop/tail lights to any vintage or classic car. 

Small enough to fit under wings or bumpers etc. 

Total width across rubber - 42mm

Total length - 95mm

Diameter of lens - 33mm

Choose either amber, red or clear lenses,

(Picture shows amber lenses fitted)

then choose BA15s, BA15d or BAY15d holders.

Choose your required bulbs from elsewhere in the shop.

Fitted with a handy (removable) steel mounting bracket.

Sold in pairs or in sets of four.

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Hazard Warning Light Switch Kit for LED Indicators

Part No. 13

Our simple to fit hazard warning light switch kit means you can retro fit hazard warning lights to ANY vintage or classic car that's been converted to LED indicators or has a mix of LED and filament bulbs.
Pull the switch and it flashes along with all four indicators
No complicated extra wiring or heavy duty flasher relay required.
Just 4 simple wires to connect 
Wiring diagram and instructions included.
Suits 6v or 12v vehicles.

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Retro Fit Indicator Kit
Part No. 14

A simple way to add discrete flashing indicators to any classic or vintage car.

Ideal for cars of the 20's, 30's and 40's era

Just £135.00 + VAT

The kit consists of:

4 x Rubber lamps with metal bracket and BA15s bulb holder

4 x Amber LED indicator bulbs

1 x LED flasher unit

1 x Indicator switch

You choose the colour of the lenses, the voltage/polarity and which type of switch you'd like

Remember: Our amber LED bulbs will shine amber through a clear lens. This gives really discrete indicator lamps.

You just add simple wiring

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