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 Wiring diagrams to help you fit a converted dynamo or regulator or both.

Click on each one to enlarge it

                           BOSCH                                    LUCAS                                   LUCAS                  LUCAS 2 BRUSH CONVERSION

                       NEG EARTH                        NEG EARTH                          POS EARTH              WITH  CUT OUT CONVERTED

                                                                                                                                                                TO ELECTRONIC REGULATOR

Use the relevant diagram along with the supplied written instructions to check your wiring and connections during and after installation and 


A wiring diagram is included with your regulator or dynamo on return when alterations are required

Flashing indicators

2 pin and 3 pin LED Flasher Units 

Our 3 pin units work the same way as our 2 pin units but use the 3rd pin to power the indicator tell tale lamp on the dashboard. 

A 2 pin unit can be used to replace a 3 pin unit. Where the 3rd pin went to the tell tale on your old 3 pin unit connect the tell tale wire to the output on the 2 pin flasher. 

A piggyback female spade connector can be used for this. 

Connection instructions are supplied with our flasher units as connections differ between negative and positive earth.

Our 21w BA15s bi-polarity bulbs WILL work with with the LED flasher units we supply if the wiring is as in the diagrams below.

We cannot guarantee that they will work with other types of LED flasher unit. If in doubt use our positive or negative earth bulbs.

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