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Below is a guide to the prices of our rebuild/restore and conversion services.


It will give you a good idea of what things will cost and what you get for your money. We will always email or telephone you with an estimate of costs once your dynamo has been tested or inspected. If after this there are any other costs incurred we will again contact you before proceeding further.


Regulator conversion prices can be found on our price guide page.

First and foremost - Don't compare what we do with what other re builders do. Over the years we have seen many examples of other peoples work and some if not most we don't find have been done to acceptable standards. 


2 and 3 Brush Dynamos from around 1920 - 1969

A complete dynamo rebuild to standard specification or a full  6v to 12v upgrade including new field coils, brushes, springs, bearings, rewound armature and finishing starts at around £400 for smaller units with two field coils. 

Add around £100-£150 for larger units with four field coils and a  larger armature.

We always replace field coils unless yours are found to be of acceptable resistance and in good condition.

Where a rewound armature is not needed then this price will be lower. 

Prices for post 1960 types are generally lower as a lot of parts are available of the shelf.


Add on between £160.00 - £200.00 for an electronic regulator conversion if required.

A worst case scenario can cost around £600-800 in total but read on to see exactly what you get. Don't forget - We can rebuild and/or convert most dynamos no matter how bad they are.


What do you get for your money?

With a rebuild to standard specification you get a dynamo that will perform to factory standards but rebuilt using modern materials so over all it's a better machine that will last longer.


Proper 2 brush conversions and electronic regulators

Up until now we've all had to make do with ancient mechanical  methods of regulating a dynamos output. Some fit a diode as a cut out but this is only replacing the cut out contacts. It means that the regulation side of things is still very inefficient.

Many people have not had any experience of a 2 brush conversion and many more have never heard of an electronic dynamo regulator.

Electronic charging system technology is new technology  where vintage and classic cars are concerned which is why I have gone to so much trouble with this website to explain exactly what it's all about.

With our 2 brush conversions or 6 to 12v upgrades together with our electronic regulator you get a charging system that is highly efficient, reliable and has a much better and perfectly controlled output than your original set up. 

So, instead of the 1, 2 or 3 fixed outputs that you have with your summer/winter switch you get a smooth output that is infinitely variable to suit the load on the system.

So a dead or inefficient 3 brush dynamo and its broken or badly worn cut out with very inefficient charge resistances are transformed into a perfectly regulated matching pair of machines that always work in harmony together and will do for many years to come. The dynamo is not working hard all the time and the regulator will NEVER wear nor will its performance drop off as it ages. 

You get a higher output, brighter lights and much better charging along with the assurance that you can drive your car at night knowing that it will still start in the morning. The dynamo is balancing the load of the lights and your battery is always receiving just what it needs to keep it topped up.

The whole system becomes almost maintenance free. Just a check on the dynamo brushes once a year is all that is required. The new bearings we fit inside your dynamo are sealed for life and never need greasing. Your battery will only need topping up occasionally.


So, the perfect charging system and the answer to your vehicles problems may sound a little expensive in the beginning but just look at what you get for your outlay.

Our great service is guaranteed and backed up with our easy to understand written instructions, diagrams and unrivalled customer support and after sales service.

We are always here to help and advise.

We know you'll like what we do so don't keep it to yourself 

Tell your friends! 

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