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 Customer feedback about our services and products

Send us your feedback if we have done any works for you or supplied you with our LED products.

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Feedback Form - Please fill in this form to send us your feedback if we have done any works for you or you've purchased our LED products.


The comments below are reproduced with the kind permission of the customers who sent them.


I had to return items, partly my own fault. When I rang they were patient, understanding, accepted a return and sent replacements. The BA9s's fitted into the torpedo sidelights and they are really bright. 

We all like a moan but I thought I'd take the opportunity to say something nice. 

Johnny B

1956 Messerschmitt KR200 Bubble Car.

Excellent service, Peter and his colleagues having a wealth of experience and knowledge which makes you feel confident in the company carrying out the electronic conversions, they returned unit in my case in full working order better than the original, for an over 70 years old Messerschmitt KR200 bubble car, the voltage regulator being an essential part and vital to the car operation. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions Ltd to carry out any conversions and electrical repairs to classic cars.


 1947 Rover 16 Sportsman

 Failed to charge for 1st outing of the season. Established plenty of output from dynamo, so regulator the culprit. 

Quick chat with Pete, new electronic RF95 posted same day, recieved next day, an hour to fit and immediately charging perfectly. Couldn't get better service!


Hi Pete
You will be pleased to know that the ADR106 arrived and was fitted today. Blimey - what a difference!
I've never seen the ammeter charging like that
and the instrument lighting is transformed.

Many thanks

Hello Pete,

The CF1 cut-out arrived safely this morning, thank you so much for doing it so quickly. My Austin is having a service and annual check-over by the mechanic this week so the timing is perfect. It looks absolutely brand new! I think that the old part fitted to the car was a "make-do".  

Thanks again for the very fast work, it is much appreciated.



Peter Clarke

Just a brief email to let you know that the light boards are now fitted and working perfectly 

Thank you particularly for the very helpful page of advice and guidance “LED tips and hints” on your web site which has inspired me to investigate the wiring of my 90 year old Riley 

(I’ve been putting it off for ages!)

This has resulted in me replacing decades of bodged and deteriorating wiring and simplifying the system significantly at the same time


John Hall


Just to let you know that your ADR 95 (Positive Earth) Control Box arrived here in Queensland incredibly quickly, barely a week after you sent it! Credit to you and to DHL for great service. I have today installed it into my MG YA, and sure enough it has restored the charge function from the C45 YV dynamo to battery perfectly. I am hugely impressed, and grateful for your help.

Dr. Stephen Perry

1969 Morris Minor

Thank you for sending my ADR106. I fitted it in 10 minutes. 

Everything worked perfectly first time. I don't know why but I was really worried I would mess this up but it really is very straightforward with all the connections EXACTLY the same. 

 I'll be back when my dynamo packs up or I go for LED bulbs!

 David Birnage

 1932 Alvis 12/60 Beetleback

 Great advice and service from Peter. The LED double dipper headlight bulbs have transformed night time driving. 

A straight swap for filament bulbs and easy to easy to adjust the beams.

 Mark O'Neill

 1947 Morris 8 Series E, '56 Standard 10, '56 MGA, '64 Gazelle

 I converted all these cars to LEDs all round including the amazingly good and easily fitted Headlamp bulbs. Can't tell you how happy I am with them. Also the flashing festoon LEDs used in the trafficators are really clear, even in bright sunlight. I've tried many others but they cannot compare. Well done.

Roger Martin

1930's Aston Martin

Afternoon Peter,

Your parcel arrived just before lunch today.

I must say I am very impressed with the quality of your work and your attention to detail on my dynamo and regulator.

All the wires obviously replaced, new brushes and, the drive properly attached – all perfect. In addition, the finish you have achieved makes it look brand new, as does the regulator.

Regards, Roger

Ordered an ADR  regulator on 15 -12 -20 and received it today 17th, have fitted and it is excellent, what a difference from the mechanical ones.

Thank you.

Regards Philip

Tim Godber

The regulator for my MG TC arrived today, fitted  and working with excellent output,


Dear Peter,

Just to let you know that the dynamo and regulator conversion that I collected on Monday is working perfectly on my 1930 Riley Nine, and from the off.

I had decided to rewire the charging circuit on the car anyway, while I was at it, but your instructions were very helpful.

Please feel free to use this feedback on your website if you wish.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Peter Whitehead

Hello Peter

Dynamo and regulator have been fitted and road tested. 

The charging is better than it has been for the 20 years that I have owned the car. 

Many thanks.

Richard Taylor

 Patrick Lee

 1965 Jaguar XKE OTS

 The P43t H4 LED headlamps that I received promptly from you are fitted to my reproduction Lucas PL 700s and fit perfectly in the Series 1 bucket. The lights are much brighter than my halogens and draw very little current so my wiring and ammeter are very happy!

Roger Cowles

 1967 Lotus Elan+2

 Early days (lockdown hasn't helped!) but RB340 conversion seems to be working perfectly with a noticeable improvement in dynamo output at low speeds. Previously bought two foreign replacements from Ebay which lasted no time at all - avoid! Conversion is a quality product, not cheap, but far preferable to the foreign rubbish where the points can fuse and start a fire. Lotus glass fibre burns well!

 Stephen Walls

 Thanks very much for the prompt delivery of the LED bulbs that I ordered for my Renault Fregate. They are already fitted and work brilliantly. I cannot believe the improvement over the original filament bulbs! Fantastic products and fantastic service. Thanks also for your advice and help with choosing the the most appropriate bulbs.


 Alan Morris

 1949 Triumph Roadster 2000

 Wow! impressive turnaround. Called CDRC on Monday and talked to Tim about a bulb which had failed mechanically. Returned the bulb that day at 16:45, new bulb arrived 08:30 on Friday. 

Thanks for great service and great products.

Hi Peter 


The ADR106-N works great!  I finally don't have to trickle charge and I actually put my charger away.  

It really is a life changer, for me and the Spitfire 


Thanks so much 


       Trevor Cobb

      Land Rover series 1 80” 1950

ADR95 regulator fitted & tested. Impressed so far.

Tom Springett 

Thank you for the 12v ULTIMATE LED headlamp bulbs for my car, sent a few months ago.

The car went for its mot and I told the tester that it had your led bulbs fitted.

He said that if they were correctly adjusted and had a sharp cut-off then they were all right.  

Both were fine and it passed its mot.

The tester said that aftermarket HID's would never pass as none had the required cutoff that he was aware of.

Incidentally, the headlights work really well and I left them on for two hours (no warning lights buzzer on the car, of course) and the car started straight away.

One again, thanks for this excellent product.

Tony Simmons

Rolls Royce Springfield P I with a Newport Town car body by Brewster

 I just installed the 6 volt LED headlights I purchased from you with a H4 socket. The difference is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can actually see where I am going now. This car has been in my family since 1957 and our biggest problem has always been the headlights were so dim it was almost impossible to drive at night. That problem is now solved thanks to you.


 Ben Sherwood

 1958, Ausitn A35

 Dear Peter, I have been running your regulator conversion with my C40 Dynamo for over 2 years with no issues. I recent upgraded all instrument and side, stop / tail lamps to LED. The battery always has a good reserve for the ignition, fan and main beams. I have been so happy with the results, as the car has never suffered any battery/starting issues since the conversion. I will be buying the H4 bulbs in the near future, as these are now available as a direct replacement.

Michael Lawrence-Slater

 Hi Peter

BA21d bulbs received and fitted. I can actually see where I am going in the dark and the battery doesn’t go flat in traffic.  Fabulous.      

      Robert Roberts

  Trusty tractor with 600cc Norton engine 1951

I fitted your dynastarter and DS2 control kit

   Engine starts at turn of switch every time,thank you for a great conversion. 

 Michael Salter

              1953 Austin Healey 100

 Just wanted to let you know that I have installed my BPF P36d headlight bulbs and they are great. My generator can now keep up and the lighting is much better. Thanks.

Steven Williams

Massey Ferguson 263 tractor ( a Banner Lane machine)

Hi Tim,

           Just fitted the Ultimate H4s with adapter rings to my  that does not have a dipping function. Regardless, the difference between these and old H4s is stunning. Beautifully made too. Continued success to you.




A brief note to thank you very much for converting the two regulators I sent you.


They arrived safely here this afternoon.  They were beautifully packed and looked great when I opened one to see how it turned out.


I am now in midst of the Vintage Sports Car Club's series of hill climbs and sprints and have to judge the best time to replace the 'jury rig' I have in the car at the moment with one of the two regulators you have built up for me.


Please thank everyone involved.  I am very pleased with what you have all done.


Andrew Cheyne


I have installed my 12v ULTIMATE H4 LEDs and they are so much better than the SMD lights I replaced.  Your LEDs are much brighter and have very crispy focused beams.  Much safer for night driving. I’m quite pleased with your product. 


By the way, I’m impressed with how quickly they arrived (less than a week). 


Mike Grant

Sulaiman Abbasi

 Jaguar 1-1/2 Litre 1948

 I was at my wits end when the original 9 post RF95/2 electro-mechanical regulator, some 71 years old finally quit. Peter at CDRC Ltd came to my rescue with the solid state ADR95. The clear instructions were followed and the result was as per expectations. 

At 1300 RPM there is a steady charge of 3-4 amps. With all the lights on, RPM at 1300, there is a 2-3 amp charge. 

Thank you Peter for a great product.


Dennis Clarke

 1972 MGB Roadster

 Started with LED headlight bulbs which totally transformed winter driving, now fitted LED throughout. Especially made a difference to the instruments which I can now read in the dark! 

Great service too from Peter, who really knows his stuff.

Keith Welsh

Hello Peter,

Many thanks for your prompt response.

Lamps received yesterday and now fitted to my 1932 Morris Minor.

BRILLIANT in more than one way!

Nathaneal Light

Good morning, the shipment arrived safe and sound as you likely know by now. Bulb installed as expected and night was turned to day inside my garage. Haven't had a chance to see how this works on an after-dark ride of course, and it likely won't happen soon as our temps are below freezing once it gets dark. But I can tell you already I'm rather excited about this - 14w instead of 55 or 60 will enable me to use my heated gear and stay warm! 

Thanks for the excellent service!

Stephen Moore

Landrover Series I 

I just wanted to say thank you for your endless patience with the ST51 light boards - and share that they are fitted and are fantastic. 

I’ve raved about them and about your service to everyone I know!


Thank you.

Great product - great service.

John Hammond

Ford V8 Pilot (6v)

Hi there

I’m delighted with my new 6 volt positive earth electronic replacement for the Lucus RB 106 regulator that I got from you for my Ford V8 Pilot. It looks and feels good and solid and has sorted out my charging problems straight away. Good product. 

Great clear and easy to follow fitting instructions too! 

David Rushton

Bentley 3 Litre

Thank you for the fantastic job you have done on the dynamo and controller.
After spending Saturday fitting and checking the wiring (at least three times) it works fine and adapts to load as it should. Yesterday I drove the car for about 50 miles with the lights on and the battery was unaffected still able to start the car.

              Harry Koops

                     Triumph Roadster 2000 1949

                     The whole Roadster has now led light. 

                 Great visibility. 

Crispin Thetford

Many thanks for sending out the dynamo and regulator for the Austin 7 so quickly.

Just a quick note to let you know that the conversion was fitted to the car yesterday and works superbly. 

Many thanks for your meticulous and excellent work.

Bob Bryant

Just wanted to say I received and fitted new led bulb. Wow! What a difference. Beam like a light house! Cars are now far more aware of me during the day and riding at night is far more enjoyable. I can see where I am going! Thanks very much. 

Best 30 quid I have spent in a long time!

Robin Laughlin

I have had so many comments about my Flashicators, every single one of them favourable. Even the 83 year old gentleman that MOT tested my car on Friday was amazed by them. 

Positive message.  I ordered the T10's plus a couple of bits but the T10's weren't in the pack.  Your colleagues were helpful on the phone and sent the T10's.  However, I only fitted them this week though and they're great.


Bet they won't blow like filament one I had fitted in the meantime.


Thanks for your usual good customer service.



 Matthew Hopkins

 BSA A7 1958

 Excellent. LED's for this 6 volt neg earth system was utterly amazing. 12 volt conversion not necessary. Very low consumption and amazing day time riding lights. Thank you Matt

Jon Paul Bingham

As you well know we (myself, my father and uncle) love your products - we use these on our VW ('53), Commer Ute ('54) and TR 5 and 6.....


Our whole restoration family is hooked on them!

They are good well-made products that make driving safer!

 Richard Hutson

Just fitted the LED rear lights to my Norton Commando and BMW R100s no problems - they work really well. Very please with the results!

Robert Dibley

 1954 Citroen Light 15 Traction Avant

 I live in the US and was looking for flashing festoon bulbs to put into my trafficators for my Slough (UK) built 1954 Citroen. I found your company and ordered two bulbs. They arrived quite quickly and work perfectly.

Bill Bussler

 1957 MG A Positive Earth

 I couldn't be happier with the service and the positive earth bulbs work great. I have posted my satisfaction on the MG Experience forum and hope that you will see even more work come in because of that.

 Philip Angus

 1958 Austin A35 with positive earth and dynamo

 Purchased an electronic RB106 a while ago and fitted it today - great job works perfectly and gives a steady voltage and good amps for lights.

William Bennett

1949 MG Y Type Saloon

I have just wired up a flasher system incorporating a pair of your led flasher units (bought recently), together with your led flasher bulbs at each corner and Flashicators in the semaphore arms.

It all works perfectly and I'm delighted with your kit. 

Neville Smith

I recently purchased a complete set led bulbs for my 1936 Buick series 80 Phaeton and 1936 Mullins Red Cap Trailer for  a 16 day 1800 mile journey around the South Island of New Zealand with 46 other vintage cars


There was a little night driving and a couple of days of pretty bad weather. The LEDs were great and it created lots of comments from the others on the Rally. In fact I drove permanently with the lights on. 8 cars came from America. Nearly all of the owners had never heard of LEDs fitting cars without making considerable changes. 

Your LED's were a hit. 

Steve Butterworth

MkII Cortina 1600E 

What a pleasant change in this day & age, I spoke directly to Peter & was left feeling very confident indeed. He dealt with me in a polite & reassuring manner & what's more, the bulbs that he supplied were 'spot on'. I wanted to change ALL the dashboard lights on my 1967 Cortina 1600E & what a difference. 

Thanks very much, STEVE (The Mk2 & 1600E Owners Club)

Matteo Regano 

I am writing to you to let you know that I have received the lamps purchased and installed them this morning - they're AWESOME! The headlight is now much whiter, brighter and the tail light works beautifully. Now I can ride with the lights on 24/24 as per the law without fear of draining the battery.

Thank you so very much for the great products and priceless technical support.

Colin Hinxman

 1930 Buick 45 Tourer

 Recently purchased 2 LED Dipping headlight bulbs BA15d, going from not very strong yellow lights to strong bright white, had to spend a little time refocusing and redirecting the lights, makes night driving safe and a pleasure, big plus is the current draw always a bit of a problem down from 10+ to 3+ amps no more worries about flat battery on long night drives, Cheers Colin

George Cook

 1954 MG TF with Lucas PL700 headlights

 Wow!!! what an improvement. Bright white headlights. I installed the 5th generation dipping LED's with a P45 adaptor into my Lucas PL700 headlights everything fits, easy to adjust simple to install what a great product! Excellent packaging for a trip to the USA. 

Thank you for such a well made solid LED.

Martin Littlejohn

1955 Citroen Light Fifteen

Hello Peter,

I purchased your 5th generation H4 headlamp led bulbs to replace the sealed beam units in my 1955 Citroen light fifteen and am very impressed with the results.

The car has standard 12v electrics (car built in UK at Slough) so Lucas dynamo and sealed beam lights meant night time driving was not very illuminating and would result in flat battery too.

All the lights have now been converted to Led including dashboard instruments and the superb flashing semaphore led purchased from you at Sywell.

The last items were the 5th generation led headlamp bulbs. The sealed beam were replaced with a Wipac 7" conversion set.

The beam pattern is superb with a well defined cut off on dip beam and a full spread of light on main beam. The distance these led's illuminate the roadway ahead is superb giving me great confidence in night time driving as every part of the road is illuminated and no more flat battery! In fact the standard dynamo copes with the vastly reduced load and is still charging the battery on tickover with main beam lights.

Highly recommend these 5th generation to anyone with H4 fitting lights. 




 Neil Arnold

 Riley Kestrel 22T/12.4

 Thank you for your FANTASTIC service...most unusual in this day and age. All now working and "brilliant" !

Michael Leahy

 1959 P4 Rover 90

 Hi Peter, I came across your stand at the NEC and saw the demo re head lamp bulbs and was impressed so much so that I purchased a full set for my car. Driving my car at night is now pleasure as light is much brighter for a lot less power drawn from battery.

 John Dewberry

 1955 Austin A30

 Surprised how few people in Austin A30/A35 club didn’t know about your flashing trafficator bulbs. I bought some at the NEC and posted on Facebook how easy they were to fit and what a difference it made to the car. The number of replies wanting to know where I got them was surprising. 

Fantastic product. Well done

 Bradley Knight

1934 20/25 Rolls Royce

I've just fitted a pair of flashing festoon bulbs and want to thank you for such a brilliant product, recommend anyone with semaphores to fit your Flashicators. 

Trevor Minnet

1934 Wolseley Hornet factory saloon

 Just slipped in the trafficator LED bulb conversion you supplied me. They are amazing. Should be made compulsory fitting to all vehicles with trafficators. 

Thank for great product and super service. 


David Charles

 Austin 16/6 1928

 Such excellent service! When I returned from holiday I found a package from you with replacement LEDs despite the fact that they were out of time. I will be telling all my vintage friends. Many thanks.

Hi Peter.


Fitted these bulbs (5th Gen H4 LED) to my 1935 Aerominx and have now tried them out driving at night.

Very impressed with the brightness, beam pattern, & the low current drawn.

I can now drive longer distances at night without fear of discharging the battery with too much idling in traffic etc.

Bob. Le Brocq

Peter Cliff

 1934 Austin 16/6 Hertford

 Bought two flashing festoon bulb replacements for the semaphore indicators whilst at Wollaton Park in early June 2017. They must rate as the best purchases made this year. 

I am well impressed. 


Mike Kennedy

 1965 BMW R50/2

 Installed your LED bulbs as new headlights in my old girl...WOW!! Now I understand why you insist on us properly adjusting the angle of illumination for riding in public, so as not to blind oncoming autos. I've never seen this much light come out of anything! Now I'll be confident in riding this old girl at night. Thank you so much!! The amount of light output is MUCH more than I expected. How wonderful!!

 Justin Adams

 1933 Austin Seven Special

 I have your 12v dynamo conversion with electronic regulator. It IS a bit expensive, but is utterly fantastic. The car starts like a Japanese motorbike, and the battery is never working hard. I just bought BPF LED headlamps. In bright sunlight they are still dazzling, and dramatically reduce the load, yet more, on the electrical system. I will add other LED's for the signal and tail lights, because my little car needs to be very visible in todays traffic.

Hi Peter 

Just wanted to let you know the Flashicators arrived yesterday afternoon and I fitted them earlier today.
And WHAT A F@*#ING DIFFERENCE!! … they worked perfectly and are so much brighter than the original incandescents  … and of course they flash.

A couple of my mates with early Bugs thought I was an idiot for paying that much for replacement bulbs, but hell, they’re worth the money!!

Those guys are going to be so jealous once they see these little puppies in action.

Thanks again mate,


Martyn Seay

Auckland, New Zealand

Just to let you know the two LED bulbs for the tail lights arrived safely and work really well in my 2 bikes, a ’54 Triumph Terrier and ’27 Indian chief.

By using these it reduces the load on the alternator and dynamo by an amp which makes the difference between charging the battery or not, and gives a brighter light for daytime which is when I use the bikes.

Wolfgang Puritz

Hello Peter,

A follow up on my issue - today I installed a s/h 2 brush dynamo borrowed from a friend, and charging was fine. So the fault is clearly with my dynamo which, although new, is not working. Your instructions were a great help!

Many thanks for your support even for a fault for which you had no responsibility, much appreciated!

Kind regards

 Jody Lindler

 1955 VW Beetle USA Import

 I was finally able to install the 6v LED Flashicators in my semaphores and I'm as Happy as anyone could be !!! 

Thank you for this product !!! 


Mark West

 1956 VW Beetle

 Your 6v flashing semaphore LEDs have transformed my semaphores - they were difficult to notice when out previously ( not surprising with a 3 watt bulb ) ... now they light brightly and flash so they can't be missed - perfect thank you !

Dear Peter


All bulbs now fitted and they make a vast difference to the inside of the MGB cockpit (MES E10). 

Many thanks for your help and good prices on the bulbs.

Shan't hesitate to recommend you.



 Matthew Finch

 1925 Humber 12/25

 Hi Peter Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help at the restoration show this weekend. Hope it all went well for you. I have tried all the bulbs out and everything worked as you described and has impressed all the neighbours. I cannot wait to get all the lights connected and then out on the road. The only 'issue' was that I didn't realise the whole steering column moved so have had to use a static switch mounted via the back of the dashboard so still no visible alterations. Thanks again for all your help, you have made the Humber usable and safe without any obviously unsightly alterations....just brilliant. 

Kindest regards Matt

I am just dropping a line to say that the flashing LEDs arrived today. Very happy. Quality merchandise. 


Regards, Sol.

 Joe Rooney

 1967 Honda CA95

 Converted over to LED headlight using the P30d "double dipper bulb,so much brighter and much less drag on charging system Great product and quick shipping. Thank you. 

Riding is much safer now even during daylight hours

Cameron Etezadi

1960 BMW R69 

Peter - just wanted to let you know I received the parcel and installed the bulbs in my 1960 BMW R69 bike. They are amazing! As an engineer I'd been searching for appropriate replacements for the filament bulbs for a long time and considered making my own. The quality on yours is incredible and the visibility improvement at night is dramatic! 

 Mike plumb

 Citroen light 15

 My whole car including the instrument lights were bought from you and are a true revelation. Great purchase!

Antoine Guzik

 BSA M21 1955

 Full set of LED bulbs fitted. Totally amazed at the difference. 

I used to have a discharge of about 2 to 3 amps, now steady about zero with battery holding its 6v charge. 

I highly recommend these led bulbs.

 Roger Kienast

 1966 Harley Sprint 250

 I've been looking a while for a new headlight bulb for my old 66 Harley. I replaced the 35 watt 6 volt incandescent standard bulb with a 40 watt 6 volt halogen a few months ago, but the halogen was barely brighter! I bought the 5th gen. 13 watt 6 volt H4 bulb from you and installed it this weekend... and it is literally night and day! So happy with my purchase. I can finally ride at night and see the road in bright white light. Thank you!

Charles Bryant

I have to say that I am very pleased with the LED alternatives you supply and are so much better for my everyday use on rural roads. The reduction in current drain in winter is an advantage, also. I am familiar with LED lamps in the course of my business as I specify them for buildings, however, they they need to be selected with knowledge as the light source is so different from other lamps. In the case of the products you sell the result is exactly right. 

CDRC Ltd reply: Charles, we design 90% of our bulbs ourselves and they are made exclusively for us.

 Graham McGee

 1930 Ford A roadster

 Picked up your ba15d double dippers at the 2015 NEC Classic and brought them back to Canada. I actually look forward to driving at night now, and it's reassuring to see the battery still charging with them on. A great plug in replacement with no downside I can see (other than my 90 year old Dad misses the yellow glow).

Peter Jay

British Columbia, Canada 


Just wanted to let you know that I received the LED tail light bulb for my Norton which I ordered a few weeks ago. It arrived safely and is as described on your website. I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you for a good product and good service!


 John Cornish

 Triumph Tiger 100A 6 volt 1959

 It is very reassuring to see the volt meter reading a charge even when travelling at low speed even with the main & dip lamps on. That never used to happen until I exceeded 50.

Allen Law

Land Rover

Hi peter, Just a quick thank you.
I fitted your LEDs after delivery and having now run the Landy for a couple of months
I am very impressed with them especially now the commute to work is almost in the dark.
Whilst on holiday driving round north wales friends following remarked how visible the rear indicators compared to the old incandescent bulbs.

Thanks again

 Joe Stollery

 Pre unit 650 Triumph/Cheney

 Having been a convert to LED lighting for old vehicles with marginal charging systems for several years now,I am emailing to tell you how impressed I am with your new H4 replacement dipping headlamp bulbs. Last weekend I rode in the Edinburgh Trial,involving 6 hours of night riding, some observed sections in the dark, queuing etc etc. In all this the battery voltage remained above 13v, so thanks to Joe Lucas and the CD&RC solid state voltage regulator, my Lipo battery has been a good move. In use the clearly defined cut off of the dipped beam and its wide spread of light was as good if not better than an H4,and on main beam the clarity and range given adds security for night travel. All this for less than 2 amps on 12v, very successful, £50 well spent.

Wesley Lamont

(Referring to the regulator conversion we did for him)

Peter, what a job! It works exactly as it says on the tin! To say that I am pleased with how it works is an understatement. Thanks again. Wesley


Derek Brown

Austin Seven

Peter just a short message to say thanks for all your patience and help with the installation of the dynamo/regulator. All seems to be functioning as intended and it is nice to see the ammeter reading charge for the first time since I have owned the car! 

Oreste Bianchi

 1950 MORGAN F super

      I waited for so long for 6v LED H4's but now I can drive at night without any problems. Thank you Peter.

Neil Scully

Vintage Delage

Fantastic job! It's all up and running. Giving a good charge and cuts in at anything above idle. I am very happy as it all looks original but gets over all the third brush issues

Jonathan Dayman 

Austin Seven

The LEDs use far less power so I can run with all the lights all the time, including headlights as day-running lights (which for a small, dark car in modern traffic is very reassuring) with no worries about losing electrical power.

Richard Patten

1935 Fiat 508S Balilla

Following a long chat with Peter I fitted LED lights all round on my vintage car in anticipation of the VSCC Measham Rally (All night long and ~200 miles). I was worried about the battery going flat during the night. The lights were impressive and commented upon by many of the Marshals...'They are bright lights for a vintage car!'. Brilliant lamps and I'm not going back.....just need to sort out the Regulator now

David Bamford

Rover P4 94 1964

 My car wasn't charging (Lucas RB340) and I used to go out in daytime with a high amperage fully charged battery in the boot. The new electronic regulator is brilliant and it keeps pace with the old Halogens, heater, satnav and phone. Once I've fitted LED's all round from this excellent company I could drive to Europe at night! Thanks so much for a superb product and service. 

Andrew Carr

1966 BSA Lightning.

Hi Peter, Thanks for the prompt service, the bulb and light board are now installed on my 1966 Lightning and they have made a massive difference, making riding in the dark much safer.

Jason Piper

Aston Martin DB4 1960

After a nasty incident where my long suffering wife nearly went into the back of the DB4 with her Landrover, being totally unable to distinguish brake lights/indicator in heavy rain, I was allowed to install LED stop/tail, indicator & sidelights plus associated flasher units etc. A revelation; the car is now visible at night or in poor weather. Next step, lobbying for new headlamp bulbs so I can see where I'm going, as well as other people being able to see me coming.

Tom McEwen

1930 Austin Seven

Having your new LED headlight bulbs and side, stop/tail on our SIX VOLT Austin has transformed the car. It is now safe to drive in any conditions, the dynamo is happy, and the wiring and aged switch gear are on holiday! A brilliant product. I will now fir your bulbs to other cars ASAP. A quality product. Well done.

Paul Quest

BSA S10/B 1933

New dynamo and charging system fitted, 1000 miles completed and no trouble at all, charging at +10, great service Pete, will even chance going overseas next year. . . .

Russ Kirkby

1930 Ford A V8 flathead Hotrod

I had my dynamo rebuilt to 12 volt properly by Peter after someone had badly converted it from 6 - 12 volt. Peter also converted the control box. It all works perfectly, it's almost like having an alternator. Throughly impressed with the quality of work and that it all looks stock. Cheaper than a lot of options and friendly service.

Jonathan Turley

1938 Alvis 12/70 Special

Just had new rear 'D' lights with your LED side/stop/no plate conversion kit fitted and am amazed at how bright they are in comparison to the original lights - I can highly recommend them on safety grounds alone.

Ron Lewis

Ford Model Y

Hi Peter,

I attended a workshop for the Y&C Register last Saturday.  I went in my car, and was asked to show the assembled throng my LED lighting – all the lights on my Y are your LEDs!  They were all very impressed and several asked for your details.

Now I have had them in for a while, and used them at night, I will do a write up for the magazine and add a link from the Y&C website to your online shop.  

They are brilliant – literally!!!

Mark Newsome

Various motorcycles


Just a quick note to say well done in making such a quality item, the front double dipper light and rear brake/side light LEDs I bought and have now fitted are a massive improvement for the two Velocettes. I will be fitting your products to all the bike restorations I do for my customers now, so I will be in touch soon with many more orders I'm sure. Many Thanks


Nigel Atkins

Early 1970's MG

I’ve just fitted your rear side and tail lights LEDs plus indicators all round and dash and interior lights – and what a difference – even though my previous filament bulbs, reflectors and inside and out of the lenses were already clean. I thoroughly recommend them, thank you. Details below – Combined stop/tail lamp bulbs – so much brighter, great for road safety and leaving on for parking with their much lower power consumption. Flashing indicator bulbs – again so much brighter, I already had an electronic flasher unit fitted and with my unit the flashing was just about within the maximum 120 flashes per minute MOT rate. For cars fitted with hazard lights again the lower power consumption would be very useful. Instrument bulbs – much brighter but not as I thought before fitting that they might be too bright, the design of the light reflection in the instruments in my car meant I’d like the light better spread over the instrument faces but this is not the fault of the LED bulbs. Festoon bulbs – fitted for interior and boot lights, again much brighter and a better spread of light. Map light – I fitted a number plate light to the passenger’s side of the dash that previously had 5w filament bulb which I changed to the 5w White - 12 LED - BI-POLARITY bulb and that made a massive difference, it was a tight fit so the 9 LED bulb as stated “For use in sidelights and tail lamps or where space is limited” would have been a better fit but I reasoned that as the LED bulbs don’t get hot I’d risk the bulb touching the cover. 

Glen Bukin

MG PA 1935

Just fitted the new double dippers! Amazing light output and fills the road with light. A bit unnerving not to see the ammeter in heavy discharge though!!

David Johnson

1935 Austin 10 Lichfield saloon

I have just received delivery of a pair of your Double Dipper headlamp bulbs. For the first time I can drive my car in darkness and see the road ahead without draining the battery. The 8" L140 headlamps gave a dismal output with normal filament bulbs. Even on full beam the current drawn by the LED units is less than two amps and my car actually charges its battery with the headlamps switched on. A wonderful result and I cant thank you enough. I shall be recommending you to all my fellow car club members


1965 6 volt Volkswagen


I wanted to let you know that the replacement LED lamps for the Stop and Winker light (as well as the side lights) has made a big difference; I can confidently stop in a line of traffic and have my foot on the brake and have the winkers going knowing that all appropriate lamps are working and of course offering clear signals to following traffic. Previously applying the foot brake (lighting the stop lamps) resulted in the winkers failing to light and the stop lamps fading. I feel much safer driving now.

Richard Collings

1933 Austin Seven Saloon

I am so glad I didn't have a 12 volt conversion done. The new complete set of LED bulbs have been a Godsend and we feel a lot safer at night having bright rear lamps and flashers built into the porkpie lamps.Thank you Peter for your product and excellent advice.Heres to more people seeing the light!

Simon Hadley

1937 Morris Eight Tourer

Just to say I got my 6 volt 'Flashicator' bulbs today and fitted.... I originally did not like the idea of non authentic flashing, BUT..... these are a no-brainer.... Absolutely BRILLIANT product. 

Thank you. 

David Bennett.

Double Dippers

Dear Peter,
This is just to say "Thank you" for the quick delivery of the 6v headlamp bulbs. I have fitted and tested them and must congratulate you on a superb product. They produce a better focus than the filament bulbs ever did and the dip is crisp and well differentiated from main beam.

Colin Banstead (co Thornley Kelham)

Lancia Aurelia 1951

Double Dippers

Lighting has always been an issue on classic/vintage cars, it is something I have been keen to improve over the years on vehicles I prepare, I have used various halogen,Xenon and HID upgrades with varying results in light output and quality but still with the main enemy of high loads on the electrical circuit. I have been following the LED market with great interest, up until recently, quality of product/suitability and output has been an issue. Until now! Peter has obviously put a lot of time, effort , money and passion into his products, I have converted a 1936 Alta to total LED with fantastic results in light output and minimal amp draw (I left the lights on for 24hrs and was still able to start the car easily!) I have followed the development of the new 'Double Dippers', pestering Peter over the months but he rightfully would not release them until he was happy. They were worth the wait, a very high quality item, fitted and used first time on the Mille Miglia 2015, lights on for the whole 4 days, a fantastic spread of light on dip beam, comparable to modern vehicles with upgraded halogen/Xenon bulbs. Add to this the relatively low cost for such a product and reliability plus minimal consumption.Why use anything else? I won't be from now on.

Neil Scully - Pre war Riley

Double Dippers.

 Some thoughts following last nights drive.

1) No bulb however good will improve yellowed and tarnished reflectors. I fitted re silvered reflectors. 

2) Spend time to make sure the lamp is correctly focused

3)Make sure that the earths to the headlamp are sound

4)Setting the lights against a wall is far from ideal, the only way to get it right is a dark night and an empty road. My final setting is higher on the wall than I would have anticipated but does not seem to cause dazzle problems to on coming drivers.

 So now to the results. I ended up moving the beams slightly once I got out of the village but following that I have to say they are very impressive throwing a good spread of light. So how do they compare? well not as good as my SAAB 9-5 with xenon discharge bulbs but then that is not a reasonable comparison, so I would say that they are on a par with the lights on my Porsche which is running high wattage halogens. Certainly for a post vintage car they are as good as I have ever seen. I would now feel confident using the car for long distances at night. Of course the other great advantage is the low current draw giving the dynamo a much easier life, in the past 10 years I have got through three dynamo rebuilds, even running a 8a regulator. It is nice to see the ammeter sitting with a positive charge and all the lights on and even better not to see the 10a drain whilst stationary. With the car fully LED equipped it draws around 3 to 4 Amps. It is interesting to note that the single biggest current draw is now the trafficator solenoids! 

Brian Pollock - Morgan 3 Wheelers

Double Dippers

Hi Peter, the two sets of APF LED bulbs arrived today. I installed them in my Lucas LB130 replica headlights  on two of my Morgan Super Sports three wheelers. The increase in lighting on the 6 volt Morgan three wheeler was astonishing, and on the other 12 volt Morgan trike, there was a noticeable improvement. The ammeter read 1 amp on low beam, 1.5 amps on high beam. That was down from over 10 amps with regular bulbs!!!


Simon Johnston - MG J2

Double Dippers

Just a note to say that I had the J2 out briefly the other evening in the dark and the LED headlights are seriously impressive. I didn't get a chance to focus them properly, nor adjust the beams, but even so the light they give is fantastic.

Peter Haldane - Vintage Sunbeam

Have finally got my new regulator wired in correctly. On starting, the charge lamp promptly went out and the ammeter showed an initial healthy 15 amps, falling as the charge brought the battery up.This all seems very good and with my refurbished dynamo and LED headlamps and indicators I shall have no qualms going out at night and maintaining a healthy electrical system.  Going to the Sunbeam national rally in York last year was something of a nervous process.  Going to Norwich this year will be a much more confident expedition.

 Thank you very much for your help. 


Simon Rigge - 1951 Alvis TA21

Dear Peter, Finally, I got to test drive my car yesterday and see your LEDs working. I was very pleased. The sidelights, rear lights and stop lights are all really bright, much brighter than before, which is good in present-day traffic.

Ian Walker - 1923 Sunbeam 14hp

Whereas I enjoy the fantastic light from my newly installed headlamp LEDs, I have been deprived of the pleasure of watching any significant movement of my ammeter needle. As it is the consumption of the rear filament lights now far exceeds the heads!

Todd Ressler - Jaguar XK120 FHC

Hi Peter. Just did the install in my XK120 FHC. PRIMO!!! I will be sending you my XK120 Roadster regulator in the next few days. Same conversion needed. Super job. You are a craftsman!


Peter B - Bedford (1937 BSA Empire Star) - "My pre war BSA fitted with your your 2 brush conversion and electronic reg and the improvement is massive. It's a low revving bike and now charges at much lower engine speeds. I'd highly recommend you to all"

Mark M - Northants (1955 Royal Enfield Bullet) (after ordering a 2nd electronic regulator) - " A quick note to say I've had your electronic reg conversion fitted to my 1955 Enfield Bullet for 5 or more years now Peter. Charging is greatly improved along with brighter lights. A must have for any vehicle with a dynamo. Thanks!"

Danny M - Linc's (1953 BSA C11) - "My BSA C11 has really benefited from your electronic upgrade. I wanted to keep the bike looking original. You never know it's there. My BSA has reliable electrics at last! Thank you".

Mr. James - Australia - (1931 Austin Seven) "Good to see the ammeter in my Austin Seven on zero instead of showing a discharge with the lights on."

Ian B - Dorset - (Alvis TD21) "The Alvis charges perfectly now. What a neat and tidy conversion."

Jason - Cheshire - (1953 Ford Popular) ....."a quick and easy job that has really improved my little Ford."

Bill - Bucks - (Pre war MG PA) ....."the PA has always been a fun car to drive but it's electrics have let it down on more than one occasion. Good to know it'll always start now and to see a charge on the ammeter. What a great idea your "fuse blown indicator" is too."

Peter M - Australia - 1929 Austin Seven Chummy) "I have fitted your solid state regulator to my 1929 Austin 7 Chummy and converted it's CAV dynamo as you told me to for 12 volt use. It works very well indeed, providing a voltage of 13.5 at the battery, at a charge rate of about 3 amps. After using the starter, the charge rate went up to about 7-8 amps and a voltage of 12.9. All seems very excellent indeed! A good product, worth its weight in dingo doo." (An Australian unit of perceived value!) Peter

Richard W- Australia - (Alvis TD21) "It arrived today. It looks wonderful from the outside and a very neat conversion on the inside. Once I'd  fitted it, I took the car out for a nice run in the sun (autumn here), a nice 25 degree day. As I drove through the hills I put on all the lights including the fog lights. The car uses standard original globes (bulbs). AND? It all worked perfectly with the ammeter sitting just a little in the positive. In the past it would stay negative all the time."

Chris J - London - (1946 Chevrolet)  "Thanks for the fast turn around, I was very impressed. Thanks also for your emails and information on the conversion, your help was greatly apprieciated as im not the greatest auto electician!!"

Derek C -  (Alvis TD21) To date the ignition light does all the right things, the ammeter is in balance with everything on and the battery needs hardly any top up from the smart charger which is always on when the car is not running.  So far, so good.  It is certainly a very neat conversion and has saved me the hassle of changing to an alternator, replacing a dynamo with a power steering pump stuck on the back end of it!  Negative earth has its benefits, the Garmin Navigator will work!

Bernard G - (1934 Austin Ten) "I can only praise you for what is a very good conversion. Neat, tidy and such an improvement to the charging over my original 3 brush system."

Gary L - (1934 Ford Eight Model Y) "I wouldn't have believed the improvement that your dynamo conversion has made if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Thank you also for a swift service".

Roger B - (1968 Ford Escort MkI Rally car) "No problems to date and a steady ammeter at all times".

Mr. Bradford - (1927 Morris Isis) "I have owned my Morris for 43 years. Up until now I've always carried a spare charged battery and jump leads where ever we go as with the headlights on it discharged by 2 to 3 amps. Now however its steady or charging by an amp or so. I will happily recommend you to others". 

Glenn M - (1933 Austin Twelve"Wonderful to see the ammeter swinging to the right after all these years!!!!!!!!!! Car now has MOT thanks to you. Great to see it charging for once."

Paul L - (Jaguar XK140) " All is working well. Thank you again for your help. I will keep you in mind for the future as I have some friends with old cars. I did the trip to France and every thing went OK we did a night run and the regulator kept it going superbly".

George D - (1934 Vauxhall ASX 14hp) "Thank you for your extremely helpful advice and prompt service in converting my dynamo and cutout" 

Kenneth C - (1938 Austin Big Seven) "Your conversion is neat and unseen and works very well. Thank you for all your advice and the most detailed instruction sheet". 

John L - (1930 Austin Heavy 12) "The conversion has turned a beautiful old car into a beautiful reliable old car. The battery is always full these days. Will gladly recommend you to others"

Neville C - (1934 Morris 10) "After 2 weeks of use it does everything you said it would. The ammeter shows a charge and the lights are brighter".

David M - (1938 Austin 10) "My battery light goes out almost straight away and the ammeter swings to a healthy charge. Thanks for your advice too. My Wolseley 14hp will be next for your magic touch".

Brian G - (1958 Morris Minor) " I never knew there was such a conversion until I came across your website. I now feel happy to drive the car after dark".

Susan F - (1947 Morris 8 Series E) "Thanks you for your detailed and helpful advice. Thank you also for making a good classic car even better".

Bill W - (1934 Vauxhall A type) "Hearty thanks to you for curing the only problem we had with the Vauxhall. I will spread the word to other enthusiasts".

Vaughan M - (1936 Riley Merlin 12/4) "I fitted my modified regulator and I cant believe the difference its made. The improvement in the headlights is fantastic, now I wont be too concerned when I take the car out at night".

Dick W - (1925 Alvis 12/50) "I have now installed your regulator conversion along with the dynamo which you converted from 3 to 2 brush. I am delighted with the new set up. The installation was easy with your clear instructions and took no time at all.  When the engine was started the dynamo went into instant charge at just over 8 amps on my ammeter (possibly not very accurate) with the charge rate dropping after running when the battery was up to full charge.  It performed just as it should.  With the lights on the dynamo counters the load with the ammeter at around zero. Thank you very much for your help".

Bill C - Dear Peter, The converted RB340 regulator has now been fitted and appears to be working well on my first short drive. If it continues this way, you will have gained a satisfied customer.

Dave P - (pre war Wolseley Hornet)  Hi Peter, Just like to report that we have done a reasonable mileage with the dynamo and controller that you provided earlier this year and I'm very pleased with the results. As you said, it's 'fit and forget'! The charge on the ammeter settles to just positive after a mile or so and remains there even with the headlights and cooling fan on.

Peter C - (1930 Cadillac) What a great job you have done on my Cadillac voltage regulator conversion. I am so impressed that the conversion from 6 volt to 12 volt could be so simple, effective and invisible! The charging system runs really well, thanks very much and I will send you more work from my collection. Kind Regards Peter

John L - (1934 Austin Seven) "Your very discreet conversions have made our lovely old car even better. 6v candles are now 12v bright headlights!"

Alan D - (1936 Morris 8 S1) "Having roadtested the car during the day and at night I am pleased to say that your conversion has performed faultlessly. The ammeter shows zero or a slight charge with the lights on."

David C - (1937 Morris 8) " I could never have believed the improvement that an electronic regulator has made. Steady charging at all times and with full control too. Thank you for your great service and back up".

John D - (1952 BSA B31) "Totally transformed what was otherwise a good bike".

Alan G - (1954 Riley) " After 4 weeks of use your conversion has proved to be very worthwhile. We are very impressed".

Ray M - (1930 Raleigh 500cc) 

"Very pleased with help given, work carried out to my dynamo and the supply and set up of the modern regulator. This has cured my long time charging problem"

Dennis S - (1937 Commer Bus)
"I really can't believe the difference your dynamo and regulator conversion has made. Charging is now perfect as can be. It does exactly what you said it would do!"

David W - (1938 AJS Twin port)
"Great improvement to the electrics - fitting instrutions easy to follow and good advice with wiring problems on bike many thanks".

Peter B - (MG PA)
"Peter helped us with logistics and also helped fix a non opearting dynamo. The MG now runs well with a good charge even under load. Thanks Peter for your help".

Pete C - (1938 Austin Seven Ruby)
"Thanks for your work to provide the new regulator linked to my new dynamo. I can now take the car out without having to worry about the battery needing to be recharged every 20 miles!" 

Chris M - (1935 Riley Imp)
"After fitting your 3 to 2 brush converted dynamo along with the converted regulator I got an immediate healthy 8 amp charge showing on the ammeter. With full electrical load applied the dynamo is easily matching demand at just 1300rpm with a steady charge showing above that speed. The fact that you can email or phone Peter and get a near instant reply or friendly advice is invaluable too.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending these conversions,
they are excellent."

Andre V - 1967 SABB 6-8hp Type H Marine Diesel Engine

"I am very pleased with the level of advice provided regarding the suitability, selection and wiring of a starter and regulator for the 1967 marine diesel that I am restoring. Answers to all my questions, before and after purchasing have been clear, helpful, and never patronising, despite some basic ones! This has certainly given me the confidence to proceed with this job, a very valuable service".


Willem H - Siba/Dolphin 24v/12v marine engine

"Your converted regulator was installed and it works fine with the Dolphin reversible engine and the 24 volts starting."

Additional feedback -


"The regulator that you converted for us really works fine. As I told you the voltage at 2.7 Amps comes up to 14.0. Now we noticed that the voltage comes up to 14.1 at no load. It is a great success and the Dolphin reversing and series parallelling relays for cranking do no harm in any way. The temperature of the dynastart itself stays cooler than in the past."


Jeremy W - 1959 Rover p4 100
"Hi Peter , Your regulator conversion is fitted and working very well , thank you for your commitment to both your product and customers".  

John R - 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk.1 
Re: your voltage regulator rebuild and dynamo rewind service. Now charging along in the dark, cold and wet with bright lights, lively wipers and the heater fan on....and the starter has no trouble on the morning after. 

Rolf P (Sweden) - Pre war Riley Special
Hallo Peter, today I have tested the converted dynamo and regulator. Everything is function perfect
Thank you

Nigel W - Jaguar 340
Hi Peter, Fitted your neatly converted RB340 and saw an immediate improvement. Ammeter settles on just positive, even with all ancillaries on and at 900 rpm idle. No more boiled battery or burned out generator for me! I have seen the light and that goes for my improved headlight beam strength as well. Cheers 

Toddy O - 1966 Triumph TR4A
"The car is now going great and shows a consistant charge on the amp meter. I have given out some of your business cards to friends". 

John P - 1934 Austin 10/4
"Your conversions do exactly what you say they will. My car now charges perfectly at all revs with the lights on or off. I can see why you are always so busy! Definitely worth the wait though. I will be recommending you to others. Thanks again." 

Adrian L - 1949 Ford Pilot

"At last perfect charging! I didn't think a 6v car could ever charge as well as it does now. The headlights are brighter with your halogen bulbs fitted and the back lights can be seen from much farther away. Thanks for all your help"

David A - 1934 Austin Seven

"Just to report that I've now fitted the dynamo and cut out that you converted for us and charging is perfect. In fact I've never seen the ammeter behave so well. Your services are highly recommended to all" David

Roger C - 1937 Morris Ten

This simple and easy to install conversion has transformed the performance, and reliability of my 75 year old electrics. The added bonus came in the excellent and friendly service that I received from Peter. 

Many thanks, Roger C.

Toddy O - 1966 TR4A

I have completed several classic car runs around the Emerald Isle here in my TR4A and the regulator is doing the job fine.  It has been well and truly tested over our so called summer.  I was with my electrical man some days ago and he checked it with his own meter and said it was giving out a good normal rate of charge.  I have also passed out your business cards to others and mentioned your Web site".  

Neville - 1932 Aston Martin

"Excellent. I fitted the converted dynamo and regulator and all is well with a good charge for the first time in years".

Andrew J Webb - 1956 Jaguar Mk7

"Brilliant service, brilliant products. Brings the electrical system up to modern requirements without sacrificing originality. A classic enthusiastic company." 

Trevor B - 1929 Huppmobile (Australia)

"I have fitted the electronic regulator and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for your expert advice and great service." 

Tony S - 1949 Rover 75 P3 (Australia)

"The regulator arrived, was installed and I now have a new car!  Absolutely fantastic and thanks for the great service"

Michael W - 1936 Crossley Regis

Peter, Thanks for such a great job on the dynamo and cut-out. Your instructions are so very clear and now I can venture forth knowing I'm not going to be let down by poor lighting and lack of charge.

Lou Smith - 1956 Landrover SWB

I have been driving my Land Rover for over twenty years with original type of Lucas Dynamo/ Regulator combo and have suffered countless battery, dynamo and regulator failures, often all three in quick succession. I have spent hundreds of pounds and a fair amount of knuckle skin replacing these components over the years Many would have carried out an alternator conversion long ago, but I stubbornly resisted for the sake of originality, Finally I discovered that Peter could offer the best of both worlds with his cunning and ingenious solid state electronic regulator conversion combined with a re-built and tested Dynamo, offering the look of the original equipment, but with much more reliable and accurate dynamo output regulation, with the added security of fused overload protection and no more sticking and burnt-out contacts. I dropped in to visit Peter in person and deliver the faulty components. It was nice to meet him and he quickly made me feel confident in his ability to provide a quality solution to my woes. It took a very reasonable two weeks to receive my rebuilt items. Fitted them today in the freezing cold street, with the sacrifice of a bit more knuckle skin. I was soon greatly warmed however by the sight of the red light extinguishing at a fraction over tickover and a healthy ammeter reading, rapidly stabilizing and falling as the battery took back its charge. Early days yet, but am looking forward to being able to forget about charging worries and headlight brightness. 

Neil Sharpe - Daimler Lanchester Owners Club

"Hi Peter, Well, I finally got round to fitting the "converted" RB310 to the Daimler. It does everything you said. The charging starts at lower revs, the flashers don't stop when you put on the brake lights at tick over and the headlamps are noticeably brighter".

"I didn't actually believe your conversion could make such a vast difference!! It's like having an alternator!!"

Nigel Stennett - Cox - MZ 250 Motorcycle

             Dear Peter, I've just fitted your basic 9-led bulbs to my MZ 250 indicators. 

       The improvement is absolutely astonishing and I'm delighted! Previously the flashers barely worked when the engine was either off or idling, and disappeared altogether if anything else was on, e.g. lights in those circumstances, but now they work perfectly at all times and are as bright as regular 12v ones.

Mat H - Yamaha RD200DX motorcycle

“After contacting many people to try and solve my Yamaha RD200DX charging problem I found Peters website. Peter spent his time where others could not help. Over emails we brainstormed to solve my charging problem. Peter came up with a rewiring plan and sent out the new solid state electronic regulator. I fitted it with his easy to follow instructions and now the bike is charging properly. Thanks Peter for your expert advice and great service." 

David Rowe - 1930 Lagonda 3 Litre 

Peter, the voltage regulator and converted dynamo are now successfully fitted and this is a short note to say very many thanks for an excellent job.

Roy potts - 1959 NSU Prinz 2

Peter, I can't thank you enough for solving my starting/regulator problem. Supplying an idiot proof wiring diagram made it easy for me to fit myself, the car now starts first time every time. I have forwarded your details including the photo's to the NSU Owners Club, again thanks a million .

Alan Walker - Wolseley 14/56 De Ville 1938

Thank-you for your help. The long delay in replying is occasioned by the bitter cold in my garage preventing me getting the job done but it is all back together and working well

David Birkett - Ariel Huntmaster

Overhauled dynamo and electronic regulator conversion working beautifully - steady charge indication - no more wildly fluctuating ammeter and with the LED rear lamp no more worries about blown stop/tail bulbs. 

Total satisfaction, many thanks.

Simon Johnston - MG J2

Well, as promised, here's my feedback on these LED tail lights. To my mind they are an excellent conversion for our cars. The lights are bright without being dazzling and seem to me to do everything one could expect of them. I also have LED side lights at the front and now when I switch on the the side and tail lights the ammeter simply doesn't even flicker. 

Another bonus from my point of view is that the ST38 lights that I have had very crude bulb holders and it was very hard to get a reliable connection with the bulbs so that I frequently found I had no light on one side or the other. This kit does away with that problem and also eliminates the other problem I had which was that the 21w brake light bulb was very hard to find as it was a small globe bulb and that is not a size held by one's local motor factors. 

So all in all, very pleased and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Clive Dalton - 1932 Lagonda Rapier

It is a real treat driving along and not having to worry about the system voltage or the charge rate. It's magic turning things on and seeing the charge rate return to zero in a second or two.

Chris Winter - 1952 Fordson E83W van

Many thanks Peter for your friendly and professional service. The dynamo overhaul and regulator conversion has resulted in excellent charging on my 6v system, exactly as promised, and your help with the various teething troubles I had with the LED bulb polarity issues was greatly appreciated. It's so good to find a business that's prepared to go out of their way to help their customers. I'd be very happy to recommend you wholeheartedly. 

Mike Wheadon - 1925 Sunbeam 14/40

Have fitted your 12v 21/5w Amber/White BA15D bulbs to my front side lights which had been flashing white for turn purposes. The result is just fantastic. A huge contribution to safety. Can see no reason why anybody would not want to do this conversion. The other bonus is the massive reduction in current consumption 

John Chapman - Lagonda Rapier

I have replaced the side, panel and stop/tail/flasher bulbs on my Lagonda Rapier with your LED lights. The difference is remarkable. The Led lights are much brighter and draw a minuscule current, barely showing on the ammeter. There is the added bonus in that the sidelights, which double as indicators, now flash amber. I am delighted with the transformation.

I am looking forward to fitting BA15s 50W LEDS to the headlights as soon as these become available.

Bruce Sandeman-Craik - Alvis 12/50

Have a look at Bruce's blog (diary)


Ron Benson - 1939 MG TB

After having continual overcharging problems on my pre-war MG with 3 brush dynamo and after trying various solutions, the result was a burnt out armature. As CDRC seemed confidant of doing a good job on the dynamo, I decided to have the full system converted to electronic, including converting the dynamo to two brush. Having waited till I had given the MG a good run to send feedback I can only say after a miserable run down the A1 from N. Yorks to Stamford in pouring rain with headlights and wipers on most of the way the dynamo and regulator conversion performed brilliantly. The ammeter was constant all the time. I can safely say money well spent on a first class upgrade. Also the front LED sidelight/indicators are another very good upgrade.

Ken Challans - 1929 Standard Nine Teignmouth

Peter, just a few words to let you know the difference since your new experimental bulbs were put into the headlights in my Standard Nine Teignmouth

I would say that the headlights are almost twice as bright now. They do not dazzle and the biggest and best feature is the safe feeling it gives you when driving at night, the bulbs are only the 36 watt option so it beggars belief how much more the 50 watt ones give!  I shan't mention the amps they use because they don't seem to use any!

Wayne G - Norton Motorcycle

Hi Peter, For your info the package of lamps has arrived in good order.I have fitted one to my Norton tail unit and the result is great,it lit up like a palace.

Many thanks. Regards Wayne 

Alan Wheatley

1937 Lanchester Eleven

Just fitted a pair of you flashing trafficator festoon bulbs, what a truly fantastic invention. Easy to fit ,no re-wiring required and so much easier for other drivers to see.  

Pierce in the USA

Various cars

Just a quick note to let you know that the assortment of bulbs we bought from you guys this spring to test out on a customers car and my own Ghost have been just outstanding. Bright, reliable and, perhaps best of all, very simple to install. Utterly wonderful upgrade for those who really drive and tour their prewar cars. We are very happy and certainly will order more! I just today installed a couple of headlamp bulbs in the CAV bell lamps on my Ghost and they are just lovely. Vivid, clean light. Thanks for a great product. Cheers, Pierce. USA 

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