We deal with dynamo's, their cut outs and their regulators from around 1915 - 1973. This covers nearly 60 years and a wide spectrum of vehicles from the earliest through to the very last vehicles to use a dynamo charging system.

 This is the area we specialise in.

We don't deal with alternators or magneto's.

Our aim is to fit excellently designed products and to rebuild and/or modify original equipment to greatly improve charging systems on a variety of classic, vintage and veteran vehicles. Modern electronics will greatly enhance performance and reliability compared with original mechanical regulators and primitive cutouts.

We endeavour to help with technical advice, application information and fitting advice to the best of our knowledge. We are unable to offer detailed advice for all makes, models & years where our regulators or conversions may be appropriate.

The more information YOU the owner can give us regarding your specific vehicle the more chance we have of helping you.

It is not always possible to give an exact quote over the telephone or by email. Sometimes the only way to give an exact price for a job is to see it on the bench so it can be taken apart, inspected and tested. This generally applies to dynamos but also to some less common regulators too.

Technical specifications can often be found in owners handbooks or workshop manuals. Many classic vehicle related websites have sections containing detailed information on the vehicles electrical system. Owners clubs can also be a mine of information. 

It must be remembered that old vehicles were subject to changes over the years, not only by the manufacturer when in production but by the cars previous owners also when original parts were no longer available. 

Old components are exactly that - OLD

Anything with a dynamo is at least 50 years old

Anything pre war is at least 80 years OLD

OLD parts can deteriorate with age and can be temperemental unless they have been re-conditioned and/or overhauled and any suspect components replaced. Insulation can break down once it gets warm during testing. Better for it to fail on the test bench then to fail on your vehicle on a dark night miles from home!

So, even though they may look servicable or have been in service they can break down under load at anytime. This also applies to components that have been kept as spare parts too. A dynamo you have had in stock as a spare for years may look servicable but may in fact be the exactly opposite.

We test our conversions for 45 minutes at their full load capability for our piece of mind as well as yours. Sometimes old components such as dynamo armatures can fail mid test.

We will not be held responsible for any components given to us for conversion that fail under test conditions. We can however offer our services or the services or other tradesmen at competitive prices to repair such items or provide new or good used replacements.

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