The original Dynastarter or Dynamotor as they were sometimes known was fitted to some of the earliest British,  continental and American motor cars.

Fore runner to the Dynastarter that became common on micro cars in the late 1950's/early 1960's.

Early units were hardy and strong but were let down by their primative method of regulation.

We can supply electronic regulators suitable for early types of Dynastarters and Dynamotors.

Field coils may need re-wiring or re-winding to suit.

This conversion is particularly suited to early Dynamotors with fixed third brush regulation.

An internal modification coupled to an efficient electronic regulator can safely release extra valuable amps and put an end to bad charging. Charging becomes fully automatic and any charge switch can remain for originality purposes.


We can also supply 12 volt heavy duty starting solenoids suitable for Dynastarters.

See our prices page for more details and pricing.


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