Fault Finding 

So you've fitted your converted regulator and/or dynamo started the engine but the ammeter shows no charge or the battery light stays on???


This means you have got something wrong somewhere, usually a bad connection. If you've installed it as per the supplied instructions, made sure dynamo polarity is correct BEFORE installation and read the relevant sections of this website then all will be well. As I say elsewhere on this site, the biggest cause of problems is a bad or non existent earth as a vehicles earth is not by a continuous wire but by wires and connections to the bodywork, chassis and/or frame. Every point that is joined by a screw or bolt is a point that can corrode or come loose and become high resistance. High resistance joints are a no go in any electrical system especially at vehicle voltages.


Check your connections, also check for continuity across the regulators fuse cleaning any suspect terminal you find.


Remember, regulator, vehicle bodywork, chassis and dynamo must all be connected together to earth to work. You should be able to test from any 2 earth points anywhere on the vehicle and get continuity everytime.


Check for a voltage at the regulators A , BATT or 51 output terminal. Put your voltmeter across A or BATT and E or the regulators metal body. This should be battery voltage.


Next test for a voltage across A, BATT or 51 to the dynamo body, again this should read battery voltage. If it doesn't then there is a bad connection to earth or bad connection to the battery live. Rectify any problems and all will be well.


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