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A few simple things to remember when removing your regulator or cutout to send it to us. 

Before undoing any terminal screws disconnect the vehicles battery to stop sparks from flying.


Put a piece of masking tape or light coloured insulating tape around each wire or wires that go to each terminal, leave a tail and mark on it the letter of the terminal it came from. e.g. mark the wire from the D terminal on the regulator with a D so you know where it goes when you come to re-fit the converted regulator.

Some regulators have up to 9 terminals so a little time spent marking wires properly now can save a lot of confusion later.


Brass grub screws in steel terminals can be very tight after many years so soak any stubborn terminals or fixing screws with penetrating oil the night before to help release them.


Always use a proper fitting screwdriver as this lessens the chance of rounding the screw heads off. Clean any dirt out of the screw slot with a knife blade first.


If a screw is tight and refuses to undo, try tightening it a tiny bit before loosening it. This can sometimes release a corroded thread.


Remember, bakelite is brittle and cracks easily so take care with the screwdriver or spanners when releasing tight nuts, bolts or screws. Don't use too much force, don't use a hammer and certainly don't use any heat source.


Finally, pack your regulator or cutout well using plenty of protective packaging to avoid any damage in the post.

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