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WWII Willys and Ford Jeeps

We offer our great 12v conversion for all Willys and Ford Jeeps with Autolite dynamos. 

Upgrade to 12 volts for the added convenience it brings.

You keep the original dynamo and regulator box but with our electronic regulator inside. Wiring and connections stay the same. With a proper conversion to 12 volts, 20 amps (240w) is on tap.

Unlike others, we don't offer a "converter" regulator to go from 6 volts to 12 volts. With our conversion low speed charging is improved as the cut in speed is lowered where as with a converter regulator cut in speed is raised so driving at slow speeds means little or no charge.

A proper conversion is a little more expensive but worth it for the extra gain and peace of mind.

Due to demand we are now working on a 6 volt 40 amp electronic regulator conversion for Ford and Willys Jeeps. If this is something you'd be interested in please email us.

Our vehicles can be seen at some 1940's weekends so it's a great opportunity to have a chat with us about a conversion for your Jeep.

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