Locating new old stock or good used parts to give your dynamo that finishing touch can be difficult. 

We manufacture to original specifications, parts that are hard to find 

  Lucas Dynamo Oiler

 Part No. 1

Our own perfect reproduction of the original Lucas oiler 

Lucas part number 238367

Spring loaded felt wick in a solid brass case

The felt wick is soaked with oil to lubricate the comm end bearing on C35, C45 and others

Gives any unit that finishing touch

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 6 to 12v Inverter

  Part No. 2

This handy little 6 to 12v inverter kit allows you to run your sat nav or charge your mobile phone/tablet in a 6v car.

Works on positive or negative earth systems.

Max. output @ 12v - 3 amps

Can be connected 4 different ways:-

Positive earth in - Positive earth out

Positive earth in - Negative earth out

Negative earth in - Positive earth out

Negative earth in - Negative earth out

(modern devices are all 12v negative earth)

Measures just 58 x 39 x 22mm so can be hidden under the dashboard

Supplied either on its own or with a socket kit.

Kits comprise of an inverter with either a panel mount cigarette lighter socket or

a cigarette lighter socket with a trailing socket.

Trailing socket comes with crocodile clips which can be cut off if not required.

An inline fuse holder and connection instructions are also included.

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Voltage Spike Suppressor 

This handy little 12v spike suppressor ensures that any high voltage "spikes" that can be produced by old cars with a 3 brush dynamo, are safely prevented from reaching any bulbs be them filament or LED.

Also protects against surges during jump starting on cars with 2 or 3 brush dynamos.

Suits negative or positive earth vehicles

Simply connects across the vehicles battery terminals

Diagram and instructions included

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 CDRC are proud to support Avro Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane"

Jane lives at The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby, Lincolnshire

We have had these special double sided keyrings made with our details one one side and LAHC details/Just Jane on the other. 

Proceeds from the sale of them will go to the Just Jane Return to Flight Appeal. 

Click the donate button below and you will be taken to the PayPal site where you can enter a donation and your address details

Please note: Minimum online donation is £2.50 which includes a moderate P&P charge but you can donate as much as you like.

If you choose to donate LESS than £2.50 we won't send out a keyring to you but we will forward your donation to the Just Jane Appeal.


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