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 Austin Sevens, Ford Eight and Ten Models, BSA 3 wheelers etc etc.

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We have successfully tested our regulators on 6 volt vehicles and found them to be much improved.

Austin Sevens fitted with CAV or Lucas dynamos benefit well.

My own V twin and 4 cylinder BSA 3 wheelers both responded well to a little hidden modern electrickery.

Any 6 volt vehicle will benefit enormously.

My 12 volt upgrades for 6 volt vehicles (cars and motorcycles) have been proven to work well and be very reliable.

For example, a 1927 Austin Seven with (CAV dynamo) and my 12 volt conversion now has 60 watts or more safely available instead of 42 watts at 6 volts. Later Sevens will have 80-90 watts or more available. The starter motor will cope with 12 volts. No need for inverters or diodes and resistors cobbled together to handle 12 volts. Take the regulators fuse out and the car can safely be jump started from any modern car. A cigarette lighter socket is hidden under the dashboard and used to run a sat nav and mobile phone charger etc.


A BSA V twin and a 4 cylinder 3 wheeler both had their dynamos invisibly uprated to 12 volts and our electronic regulators fitted. No need for expensive non original C40 conversions. Minimal modification to the wiring is needed and modern bulbs can be used along with the above mentioned cigarette lighter socket. Again, 80 watts are safely available.


The same goes for the humble Ford 8 and 10hp models. A simple upgrade and more power (watts) are available for those who really dont like staying with 6 volts.

The dynamos and regulator boxes on all the above vehicles still look as original but perform MUCH better.


Click HERE for more information on our 12 volt upgrades

A word of caution................

A certain manufacturer sells a 6/12v electronic regulator advertised as suitable for Austin Seven etc. It's rated at 150w, thats 25 amps at 6v or 12.5 amps at 12v. Both these figures are far too high for an Austin Seven and similar small cars fitted with small dynamos rated at maximum 6v 11a (66w) or if converted properly to 12v, 10a (120w)

I can't mention any names obviously.


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