We fit proven high performance electronic components into the vehicles regulator or cutout box in place of the mechanical mechanism and in the case of vehicles with a primitive 3 brush dynamo or generator, we also invisibly and properly convert its dynamo to a very efficient 2 brush machine.

Our conversions are suitable for all  

British, American and European 

Classic, Vintage and Veteran 


from around 1912 ~ 1969

6 and 12v Positive and Negative earth units available in a range of outputs from 5 to 22 amps as original      

Modern electronics inside your existing control box will greatly enhance the performance and reliability of your charging system in comparison to original electro-mechanical regulators and cutouts.

So instead of sourcing a new old stock mechanical unit, a cheap Indian made copy or even having your worn original unit re-furbished at great expense, why not take advantage of 25 years of experience and 40 years of proven progress in dynamo regulator technology. Convert to electronic operation. It's the best way to go and everything will still look original.

Wiring and connections all stay as original too*

*  See note at the bottom of this page

No moving parts to wear out   

   No mechanical points to stick

(You'll know what I mean if you've ever had a mechanical cutout weld its points together before!)  

They never need adjusting    

No more flat batteries, bad starting or dim lights on your classic or post vintage car or motorcycle.

Your existing regulator/cutout case will LOOK as original................

.............but work much BETTER than it did.

Perfect low speed charging characteristics so they are well suited to low revving/single cylinder/v twin engined machines.

Maintenance free units - fit and forget.

Modern Solid State technology that brings your old dynamo charging system into the 21st century.

A straightforward swap or conversion to suit Lucas, Miller, Bosch and other dynamos inc. Dynastarts as fitted to Bubble cars and watercraft.

They're not as expensive as you might think either.


Makes using your classic even more fun - even at night.

*Some pre war cars will require a quick, easy and unseen modification to one of the vehicles existing wires under the dashboard.

Full and easy to understand instructions and wiring diagram will be included regarding this modification.



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